Nikkei Stock Average in U.S.Dollars Period From 2014-2-28 to 2014-5-28

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Nikkei Stock Average in U.S.Dollars Period From 2014-2-28 to 2014-5-28

Data Source

Nikkei225(close) in JPY: Nikkei Inc.
USD/JPY Posted Rate: Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Other: Bank of Japan , NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

“Nikkei Stock Average in U.S.Dollars” (hereinafter referred to as “NikkeiUSD”) is obtained by dividing Nikkei225(close) in JPY by USD/JPY posted rate in this video.

NikkeiUSD on 2014-1-25
=Nikkei225(close) in JPY on 2014-1-25÷USD/JPY posted rate on 2014-1-25

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Caution “Trend”line(red arrow line) in this video is the line that simply connected the 4 points(start , high(or low) , low(or high) and last in this video’s period) in order by straight lines.

First of all, let’s check the today’s data in Japan.

Today’s Data in Japan

・Officials in Tokyo Metropolitan Government said that a total of 6.81 million foreign nationals visited Tokyo in 2013. That’s an increase of more than 22% from the previous year and exceeds the record number of 5.94 million visitors in 2010.

・And The Tokyo government plans the number of annual foreign visitors to 15 million by 2020, when the Summer Olympics and Paralympics will be held.

・The panel of Liberal Democratic Party are considering corporate tax reforms including the reducing the tax rate, tax system based on the size of their business and so on.

※Text in the brackets (『』) is quoted from following source directly.


OK let’s move to the today’s chart.

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