Nikkei Stock Average in U.S.Dollars Period From 2014-2-13 to 2014-5-13

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Nikkei Stock Average in U.S.Dollars Period From 2014-2-13 to 2014-5-13

Data Source

Nikkei225(close) in JPY: Nikkei Inc.
USD/JPY Posted Rate: Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Other: Ministry of Finance , Bank of Japan

“Nikkei Stock Average in U.S.Dollars” (hereinafter referred to as “NikkeiUSD”) is obtained by dividing Nikkei225(close) in JPY by USD/JPY posted rate in this video.

NikkeiUSD on 2014-1-25
=Nikkei225(close) in JPY on 2014-1-25÷USD/JPY posted rate on 2014-1-25


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First of all, let’s check the today’s data in Japan.

Today’s Data in Japan

・Finance minister ,Mr.Aso, said at a press conference in this morning that ministry of finance will lift the ban on the holding of inflation indexed bonds for individual investors from next January.

・Bank of Japan announced money stock of Japan on April today and average amounts outstanding of M3 was up 2.8% compared to the same month in the previous year.

・Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy , Mr.Amari , said at a press conference today that he recognizes the reason of decline in current account surplus as a result of expansion of trade deficit.

・According to a publication released yesterday, current account surplus for fiscal 2013 was the least amount since 1985.


OK let’s move to the today’s chart.

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